Signs You May Need an AC Tune-up

HVAC technician in Johnston County can help you save money by helping you in avoiding the necessary repairs of air conditioning by doing some simple maintenance checks. Sometime repair is not always necessary because oftentimes your AC system only needs a little tune-up in order to restore its proper function and bring it back to its optimal performance.

Here are some signs that your air conditioning system might need a maintenance check.

  • If there is a warm air coming out of your air conditioner or if it is only a room temperature
  • The air that comes out of your AC system is slow or weak
  • There are no air flow coming out of the AC system
  • There is a buildup of moisture around your unit
  • There are dust present around the unit
  • If there are dusts coming out of your air conditioner
  • If there is an unusual smell coming out of the air conditioner
  • If there are unusual noises coming from your AC unit
  • Your electricity bill unexpectedly becomes high

If you are having any of the signs above, you should contact your HVAC technician johnston county for appointment. Don’t let this issue continue any longer to avoid more tear and wear of your system.

Not only you compromise your comfort but also makes your utility bill rises and increases the risk of fire that will endanger your home. But even if you are not experiencing any of these problems, it is also better to have your air conditioning system to be checked manually so that you can be sure that your system is working on its optimal performance and is efficient. Having regular checkup could help you avoid costly emergency repair in the future or worst is replacing your unit if it is not the right time or maybe having it repaired in the middle of the summer heat.

Commercial air conditioning systems usually run longer and work much harder compared to residential air conditioning system but they have similar warning signs. Here are some problems below that you will need to have a commercial air conditioning specialist.

If your customer or employees complain about other rooms being much cooler that the others, there could be a damaged duct or might be leaking or might be a broken thermostat, in this case your cooling system may be losing its cooling capability.

Most commercial AC systems are being packaged that some are housed making it difficult to hear any mechanical noises that may serve as a warning if your air conditioning system will need a repair. But commonly, these noises will be carried through the ducts making a distant banging sound. clanging and screeching sound are also common sound you will hear produced by a bad condition of an air conditioner.

Unexpected rise of the monthly bill also means that your commercial air conditioning is not in its optimal working capacity and not operating efficiently and this can be caused by not having a sufficient air flow or dirt clogs or might be some parts are already failing.