How to Prevent Electrical Fire

Electrical fire is something that can be prevented with proper knowledge. Every homeowner is expected to do what it takes to protect their home from this danger at all times. Fire may happen at any time but they’re most common during the winter season.


Winter fires tend to get rampant because it’s the time of the year when people use their heaters the most. There’s a way to avoid potential fires by simply following the precautions listed below. These precautions can actually keep your family safe. 

  1. Install smoke detectors.

Working smoke detectors are essential in parts of the home, especially the bedrooms. Install the type that sets off the other smoke detectors if one goes off. Make sure that these detectors are working optimally at all times. If your system is over 10 years old, consider replacing it. Never disable smoke detectors and change the battery as needed.  

  1. Beaware of circuit overload.  

Overloading the circuits can invite fire into your home. During the winter, a lot of people connect portable heaters into extension cords that are undersized. This is how overheating happens. It’s possible to get the cord to burn before tripping the circuit breaker. You shouldn’t install several devices into a power strip. These devices easily overload and cause the wiring to heat up too much.  

  1. Submit your home to regular inspections. 

Regular electrical inspection is mandatory, especially if your home was built in the 70s. This is because there’s a high probability that the wires used are made of aluminum and not copper like the much modern homes. Aluminum wiring causes a lot more hazard as it leads to loose connections, especially on switches and receptacles. Again, this will cause overheating and eventually burning.  

  1. Check all receptacles and switches. 

It’s necessary to give all your switches and receptacles a closer look from time to time. Regardless if your home is old or new, they all have to be in the best condition. They should be tightly secured for your own safety 

  1. Install arc fault circuit breakers 

Arc fault circuit breakers are a requirement in modern homes. These circuit breaks are now available and easily installed by qualified electricians. The breakers are designed in such a way they will trip when the slightest circuit failure, arc, or spark is detected. By installing a circuit breaker, a lot of injuries are prevented. But more importantly, your home will be at lesser risk of starting an electrical fire. 

Hire Qualified Electricians  

These are the things that you should do in order to relieve prevent possible electrical issues. If you need help with any of these, there several electrical contractors Bend Oregon can provide you with. They’ll ensure that your home is compliant to the electrical safety code enforced by the local government. If you put a high value to your family and property, you’ll schedule a regular electrical maintenance service for your home. Like they always say, prevention is always better than cure. Preventing electrical fires is fairly easy with the experts supporting you in every step of the way.