Important Things to Consider When Writing a Hardship Letter

First let us define hardship. What does hardship mean and what does it mean when someone is in hardship?

Hardship is a situation or circumstance that you have so little control of or none at all. Due to hardship, there may be situations that can happen as well and can lead to difficulty in handling responsibilities or commitments. One of the commitments or responsibilities may be your mortgage payments.

There are options in foreclosure procedures that is considered in line with hardship and may help in avoiding a foreclosure to happen.

-Employment or Job Issues

-Salary Deduction

-Health Issues regarding Family

-Medical Payables due to Illness or Accident

-Marital Separation

-Disasters through a Natural Phenomenal Cause


The list may not sum all possible cause of hardship but the mentioned situations are the most often causes. To make sure the kind of hardship you have will be considered valid, talk to an attorney or a housing advisor. Moreover, you can also have some help from professionals through rather than constantly searching for ‘how to stop a foreclosure’.

If you are in a bind due to a hard situation and you after consulting an exert that hardship is considered legal then go write a hardship letter to help in your situation.

So, what is a hardship letter and what is it for?

A hardship letter is a letter of intent ad commitment stating the situation the property owner is in. The letter is read by the bank or the lender of the mortgage loan and through it, a compromise is built. The bank or mortgage lender offers other options to solve the problem given that there is a win-win situation after the consideration given.

Given the need of a hardship letter, what she’d and should not be included in the said letter?

A hardship letter is something common when it comes to mortgage issues that’s why mitigation officers or representatives have read quite a lot to be numbered. Considering this case, as the owner of the hardship letter, you should never slack off just to make sure you can quickly submit the letter. You should personalize it and make it your own without plagiarizing something that you have just seen on the Internet when you searched for samples to guide you. Show you intent, sincerity and of course commitment. Elaborate the situation you are in and do it with all honesty. Mortgage issues value honesty because it is a big investment matter. If you have said things that have no proof of claim, you are in big trouble.

I am not saying that your hardship letter should be hundreds of pages telling your story but a brief one that explains a point. The content you should lean towards are those that can help with your case. Moreover, do not accuse or put blame on the mortgage loan or the lender because your application will for sure be negated.

If you want to know more options to help you through a foreclosure situation, call on experts that will help bring light on your situation. You can also check on!