Uses for Old Scrapped Screen Enclosures?

Just finished having your Florida room (Sunroom) or Lanai rescreened by professionals of screen replacement Port St Lucie and don’t know what to do with the scrapped screen enclosures after they removed it? Instead of having it lying around waiting for the garbage man to come to pick it up and throw it out, thinking it would be a complete waste, worry not! There are many ways you can make use of your scrapped screen enclosures! 

Here’s a list of things you can do to make use of your scrapped screens! 


  1. Use a piece of screen for sifting cement 


If you like working on arts and crafts and happen to use cement to mold vases and the like, you can use a piece of screen to sift the cement before mixing it with water. That way, before mixing it, you’re sure that you do not have lumps. This will make the finished product of your craft look even better. You can use it to sift other things too like paint. It is not recommended to use scrapped screens to sift food or other products mixed or used together with consumables like sugar, flour and/or cooking oil. 

     2. Prevent sink clogging by using the screen as a strainer 


When washing dishes, does your sink fill up because food debris keeps clogging the drain? Here’s a suggested solution: Using a screen scrap, tuck them into the sink’s drain and put the lid on, this will keep the water flowing while the debris from left-over food will be held up by the screen and it will prevent the food or debris from slipping through the drain. This will prevent your sink drain from clogging or gathering up mold in the pipes.  

      3. Make a powerful sponge 


Covering a piece of screen with a sponge can help your sponge give whatever you’re cleaning a power up. With the screen’s edgy surface, it will be perfect for heavy scrubbing jobs. This would be best used for big kitchenware or cleaning the floor tiles of the comfort room.  

     4. Covers and Protects Newly Planted Seeds 


The screen prevents hungry birds and other wildlife from devouring the seeds you just planted in a bare spot of your lawn. Tack the screen enclosure in place by pinning it down to the ground with a couple of long nails, and remove them once you see small sprouts. You can also use these screen scraps in flower pots and hanging plants to prevent birds or other wildlife taking interest in eating it, playing with it or completely destroying it.  

     5. Keeping Pests OUT! 


If you’re not a fan of cockroaches, then here’s good news for you! If you stuff strips of scrapped screen enclosures into the narrow areas and cervices of your home, you can prevent these pests from entering or making a home in these areas. It is suggested to stuff them around pipe entries under the sink since this is the most common places cockroaches and small rats use as pathways from the sewers.